Deer Baiting Ban Lifted

If you live in the in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula you may be smiling a little bigger this October. The deer baiting and feeding ban that has been in effect since 2008 has finally been lifted, giving hunters and homeowners a chance to once again interact with Michigan’s finest.

The Specifics

This past June, Michigan lawmakers decided to lift the current ban in the state’s Lower Peninsula that had been in effect since 2008. The ban was initiated as part of the state’s emergency response plan when a three year old deer was discovered to have Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). Baiting and feeding was immediately banned.

As a result of the ban being lifted, hunters are now allowed to place up to two gallons across a 10-foot by 10-foot area and homeowners can once again feed deer within 100 yards of their residence year round. This is good news for the white tailed deer of Michigan as well, since for the past three years, the Department of Natural Resources has tested thousands of deer and did not detect a single case of CWD.

Baiting Versus Feeding

For those of you who may be a bit confused as to the difference between baiting and feeding, a little explanation may be in order. Generally, baiting is a practice used by hunters to entice deer to a certain location. By strategically placing food, it’s possible to lure deer closer. Basically, deer baiting is helpful when deer are not seen regularly, or precision and accuracy are top priorities as in bow hunting. Most states have baiting regulations in place, at least concerning what, when and how much bait you use. Baiting certainly helps the success rate of the hunter, and in the interest of a clean kill, that’s not such a bad thing.

Feeding is similar to baiting without the hunt. In fact, feeding is typically an activity that private property owners enjoy, hoping to attract wildlife onto their property. In most cases, they don’t hunt the animals, nor do they let others who are hunting to use their food for bait. Feeding deer is wonderful opportunity to experience wildlife firsthand without having to do much of anything at all. However, always use only the appropriate food when feeding deer. Uncle Luke’s Feed store is a great place to stock up on the perfect salt blocks or sugar beets.

Responsible Baiting and Feeding

Several states including Michigan have struggled with the practice of baiting and efforts at regulating both content and volume have been back and forth. However, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is more than fair and is committed to the “conservation, protection, management, use and enjoyment of the state’s natural and cultural resources for current and future generations”.

If you choose to bait, do so responsibly by not baiting repeatedly at the same point on the ground and only using bait when you’re actually hunting. Remember, use only appropriate bait like carrots, sugar beets, corn, apples and salt blocks from reputable retailers like Uncle Luke’s Food Store where you are certain to get quality baiting materials.

Uncle Luke’s has two locations in Troy and Flushing Michigan and serves the surrounding areas.

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