A Michigan Fall tradition – Corn Stalks, Straw Bales and Pie Pumpkins

There’s nothing quite like the fall to bring out the best of traditions. From hay rides to colorful mums, the changing season is filled with images that remind us of why we love autumn. As the weather starts to get a chill, the pumpkins come out, the corn stalks emerge and the eatin’ starts. Bake up those pies because we’re going to build an appetite this year with a terrific showing of apples, winter squash, pears,  potatoes and oh yes, the corn.


Uses for Straw Bales, Corn Stalks and More

Thinking about all the ways to use a few straw bales or corn stalks this year? Whether you’re looking to create the perfect mulch, an exciting maze for the kids or you simply want to try your hand at decorating, straw bales and corn stalks are perfect for everything.

A spectacular wreath made of the most colorful fall flowers is sure to invite the change of season right in your front door- the perfect base for this creation? A straw wreath of course. Try your hand at creating fall wreaths using straw and impress your friends and family with your creativity and talent. Remember, if you turn out some prized wreaths, you may be making another fall tradition- one you’ll probably enjoy doing for years. Of course, the kids can still have fun with the maze and the fall family photo couldn’t ask for a better backdrop so make sure you stock up.

Don’t forget about the corn stalks, because fall decorating wouldn’t be the same without the bright golden color and papery texture of the perfect corn stalk. In fact, cornstalks and gourds are an inexpensive fall tradition and a great way to add visual interest to your home. What to do with them?  Buy five or six leafy stalks and tie them with craft wire about six inches from the top and bottom. Tie them to a lamppost or the edges of a porch. For an extra special design, soak a few cornstalks in warm water and bend them gently into wreath shapes. Weave ribbon or colorful fabric into the stalks and hang ears of Indian corn from the center. In a matter of a few minutes, you’ve got yourself a pretty sophisticated looking corn stalk. Remember, you can always get creative with dolls, centerpieces and more.


Who Said Pumpkin Pie?

Perhaps the best fall tradition of all is the pumpkin pie, a symbol of harvest time for generations that brings new life to old favorites like nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and ginger. From the pumpkin patch to the kitchen, pumpkin pies are as much a fall tradition as football games and wings. Serve it up warm, serve it up cold, nothing says fall quite like a slice from home. Even if you plan on using your pumpkins as decorations, the mere sight of them makes our mouth water. So bring them on out and get choosin’!


Fall is a great time for family, memories and especially tradition. Make your season one to remember by including the festive, fall traditions of straw bales, corn stalks and pumpkin pie. Enjoy your creations and remember to visit Uncle Luke’s Feed Store where you can find all the things you need to make your fall traditions perfect every time.

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  • At our place straw bales start as forts for a neighborhood full of boys. A few are gathered round the front door as platforms for pumpkins, squash, and other found autumn bounty. Now they are making their way to the back yard as the walls for new compost piles. Last years straw bale walls are added to the new compost piles as the brown material. After adding compost and minerals to my raised beds, I cover them with straw. They are ready to go in the spring for cold crops like broccoli, spinach, and kale.

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